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We Care For The Environment - Clean & Green New Zealand

At Kinky Campers we care & understand that taking care of our environment is crucial to life & our human existence on this planet, so we are, & will be doing our bit.

We will be making efforts to reduce our carbon fiber footprint as much as possible. I know that sounds ironic when we are renting campervans (that create fumes & require tires)... but we will work to offset this & do good with our actions & profits from this company.

If we work together with our customers & community we can all make a difference. Kinky Campers wants to create a positive impact for the future of this planet & its future generations.

Care about environmentInitiatives In Place To Date

  • A tree with each rental van to plant on your travels in NZ.
  • Free bio degradable rubbish bags with each campervan, to take care of your rubbish & for you to collect other rubbish on your travels.
  • Free steel reusable drink bottles with each campervan rental of over 14 days.
  • Reusable bags for your supplies & grocery’s when traveling around NZ.

If you have any other ideas or ways we can give back or help our environment, please contact us & let us know what we can do better or differently. We want to work on, learn, grow, & develop this side of things together...

"Be the change you want to see in the world" – Mahatma Gandhi